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Wrapping Paper Alternatives You Need to Know About to Gift Sustainably

Each year 227,000 miles worth of wrapping paper is thrown away. Why contribute to that figure? With so many decorative and sustainably stylish alternatives, your wrapping paper game is about to change.


A clear favourite, wrapping your gifts in fabric gives you the opportunity to give a gift within a gift. Using anything from towels to cheese cloths, there’s a purpose to everything. Here are just some examples:

- Towels

- Linen

- Cheese cloths

- Vintage scarves


Unlike most wrapping paper, paper is recyclable and there are more and more paper companies offering printed designs that don’t compromise their ability to be recycled. If your short on time, the easiest and arguably most stylish way to wrap your presents would be using your morning news. Newspaper is readily available and will make your gifts stand out. Just make sure to check that the pages chosen are appropriate and are on the merrier side of world affairs.


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