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Our Matereal World 2022 Forecast: Science, Sustainability and Style Continue Their Grand Alliance

Party-wear becomes everyday attire in 2022. While 2021 might have been the best days of loungewear and at-home athleisure, the new year sees new obsession with going all-out at all times. Whether it’s micro mini-skirts for morning coffee runs or thrift-galore get-ups for drinks at 9, being excessive in confidence and style is the new year look.

Va Va Voom Dressing To The Max

Bold, beautiful and excessive. Sweatsuits have had their time in the spotlight and will continue to be our loyal friend, but dressing up and all out is the new motto for 2022. Short hemlines, tall heels and every excuse to bring your everything is what it's all about. T Label, demi-wear brand Fruity Booty and Sour Tai are just a few of the labels having fun with skin. With this year's outlook being optimistic and filled with positivity, its time to get flirty as the world starts to thrive again.

The Science-Fashion Alliance Is In Full Force

It's been statistically proven that consumers are more likely to purchase goods if there is data that shows what a brand is saying is accurate and true. Enter brands like Pangaia who consistently base their new collections on new developments in their effort to use sustainable fabrics. Luxury brands are also following suits, with designer Iris Van Herpen arguably being at the forefront of sustainable couture. Her sculptural garments are preternatural and attests that the industry is beyond capable to blend sustainable innovation into their designs.

Vintage Mania is Back!

We’re talking Tom Ford for Gucci, SS1995 Gianni Versace, Blumarine classics and more. Rare is the new luxury and promises looks that are few-of-a-kind. Vintage, archival and thrifted pieces offer something that newer pieces only hope to achieve and and imitate - timelessness. Resale platforms like Depop, Vestiaire Collective and The Real Real have seen a rise in usage that is projected to continue in 2022 and brands like Jean Paul Gaultier are experiencing resurgences like no other because of consumer demand for vintage designs.

The current mania with finding distinctive pieces, namely from the '90s and '00s, is not exclusive to luxury brands, with searches for Blumarine, Save The Queen and Jane Norman only rising. Think patchwork knit dresses, rhinestone adorned jeans and some stylishly beat-up boots. Out with the new and in with the old - literally.


Bella Hadid in Tom Ford for Gucci

Knitwear Accessories Are Not Going Anywhere

While sweaters and jumpers traditionally take up knitwear as a category, the growing opportunity to wear crochet hats and bedazzled baklavas this year is a very "seasonless" approach to wearing knitwear all year round. Cro-Che is a cult favourite and truly takes accessories to centre-stage. From headwear to leg warmers, small brands are giving you every opportunity to wear knitwear on every part of your body.

Dua Lipa in the Cro-Che Bucket Hat in Red and Pink

Wearing Undiscovered Businesses Are Cool

While named brands are fun, to some they seem quite done. By that we mean that up-and-coming labels are often on the forefront of something new and noteworthy. Take designer Kat Rose and her craftcore label that utilises one-of-a-kind iconography to make statement pieces. Blowing up when none other than Dua Lipa wore one of her repurposed jeans, her designs offer a refreshing take on today's fashion.

Extravagant and Chunky Gems

The bigger the better. On your hands, your neck and your face, chunky jewellery is taking the world by storm. Whether it's through La Manso rings or Snake Divine chokers, extravagance in size and decoration is this year's accessory standard.

Rebecca layering Snake Divine's Pomegranate Choker, Callisto Choker and Cyberform Collier


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