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A Guide To Your Soon-To-Be Favourite Knitwear Brands

Don’t be surprised that if by the end of reading this you’ve got one of these pieces in your basket. We’ve been there and can contest that it is definitely hard to resist some of these handcrafted wonders. From the re-emergence of leg warmers to classic cardigans, knitwear has always been a collective staple but has undergone some major transformations over the last couple of years. With the rise of small businesses and slow fashion knitwear brands, knit pieces have become more creative, personal and versatile. Here are our favourite brands to discover right now.


If timeless knitwear is your thing, look no further than Deima. Founded in 2017 by Nanna Burmeister, the knitwear brand focuses on quality and production when it comes to their pieces. Each piece can take more than 35 hours to produce, with all garments being designed to outlast trends.

Deima’s “Woolen Cardi”.


A pandemic-born business by Sarah Beasley, SULK Knitwear makes knitwear individual and personal. No two pieces are the same, with many pieces incorporating vintage garments to create upcycled and repurposed gems.


Known for their knit denim, Knorts is a premium and handmade line that is flattering in its form and function. Made from indigo-dyed yarn, the luxury craftsmanship makes it an investment piece worth securing. Worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Lori Harvey and Destiny Joseph, the brand has a cult celeb following that only reconfirms the brand’s unique take on knitwear.


One of our more recent finds, Funfetti Crochet is refreshing yet still nostalgic. From frilly leg warmers to mohair scrunchies, we approve this as your new obsession - it’s definitely ours.

Funfetti Crochet ”Valentine Leg Warmers”, available for purchase through Instagram DM.


This UK-based Depop shop is definitely giving silhouette. The one-off designs are very quickly sold-out and ensures a one-of-a-kind bespoke garment. Cut-outs are standard over here.

Ella Mia Depop Shop.


Crochet mittens are essential and these are everything. This handmade Depop shop is a knitwear accessory haven, making everything from cottagecore bonnets to heart balaclavas. Did we mention that they’re open to customs?

Glitch Stitch’s Depop Shop.


The made-to-order London-based brand “making knitwear $a$$y” really lives up to this statement. Worn by the likes of Mia Regan, each of this knitter’s pieces focuses on no waste culture and uses scraps to create one-off garments.


The balaclava phenomena is nothing new but Peau Laine definitely makes it noteworthy. Their slow fashion and artistic approach to the knit balaclava takes a staple to new heights.

Peau Laine Depop Shop.


We love to see sets and Melissa Knits truly shows up and out. From fuzzy patchwork pieces to floral cut-out looks, co-ords are all the rage here.

@ChinqPink in Melissa Knits.


Cro-Che quite literally came and conquered. An off-duty staple for Dua Lipa, Cro-Che’s bucket hats have a cult following of their own. Founder Tacita Brown puts sustainability at the forefront of the brand’s vision, with the craftsmanship process producing zero to little waste. Each piece is handmade by female artisans in developing countries, empowering and supporting women through employment from the comfort of their own homes.


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