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In Conversation with Lux-N-Holla

Lux-N-Holla: Charlotte de Figueiredo talks corset making and how to enter sustainable fashion culture.

Arguably the emblem of the Gen Z upcycling movement, corsets are having a moment. IT'S MATEREAL talks to @Lux_N_Holla on her inspiration, sourcing and wisdom when it comes to entering this sustainable and creatively charged industry.

What are your sources of inspiration?

I get my upcycling inspirationfrom a variety of places! Usually Instagram and designers I love. If I can’t afford something or want a version of something, I like to try and make a similar piece inspired by it using different colours or materials.

Is it hard to upcycle items by yourself? How did you learn to craft pieces?

Upcycling is difficult when you start out as its hard to cut something up and make something brand new! I initially used YouTube to learn different methods of making patterns and how to use my serger machine so now it’s easier for me to make items after tons of practice over the years.

Why is sustainability important for the future of fashion?

Sustainability is important as the fashion industry is a large contributor to the climate crisis & other important ethical issues which need to be addressed. Upcycling encourages the move towards slow fashion & reusing fabric which would lessen the need for a constant production of new fabrics. To be part of the fashion industry you need to take accountability and be responsible for the product and potential waste you are putting into the world.

What do you look for when you thrift and buy secondhand?

I look for colour & pattern. I originally only limited myself to fabrics to make corsets with, but now that I’ve started making hats & tops I go for anything with a bright colour and cool print. Ideally focus on larger items (bigger sized clothing / sheets and curtains) which will give you the most material to play with.

What advice would you have for someone entering the sustainable fashion industry as a designer?

My best piece of advice is to use YouTube! It’s an absolute lifesaver andtaught me everything I know! There are thousands of tutorials on anything you can think of so use it as much as you can.


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