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Dress Like a Bridgerton: From Custom Corsets to Pre-Loved Pieces

Courtesy of @BridgertonNetflix.

With the love story of the Viscount and Miss Kate Sharma taking centre stage this season, we can’t help but reflect on the shows influential Regency-inspired style. Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, which is why we’ve decided to breakdown some key fashion moments from Netflix’s hit show.

Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick is behind the show’s cult fashion following, taking Regency-era silhouettes and amplifying them to be both reflective of a historic period and a whimsical television production. From empire silhouettes, yards of organza and tulle, and some serious use of colour, Bridgerton has created a resurgence in maximalist elegance. Here are our key take-aways to have you fit for your own “coming out” and going about looks.

Corsets Are Everything

The body is a canvas, and if Bridgerton has taught us anything, it’s that enhancing the silhouette is a game-changer. Look no further than Eve Corsets, a Birmingham-based trained costume maker who designs the most divine corsets. Made from old tapestries, needlepoints and materials sourced from her local shop, each piece is one-off and she regularly opens up her custom orders for those looking for a more bespoke corset experience.

Courtesy of @EveCorsets Instagram.

Maximalist Jewellery Gives Its All

Jewellery is definitely an accessory that makes a statement within the series. Even with all the ruffles and feathers, the delicate and opulent necklaces were often what draws the eye. Depending on the character, the jewellery ranges from refined and simple to more of a centre-piece. We’re currently loving the éliou “Elsa Necklace”, made with freshwater pearls and definitely a modern twist to a neckpiece.

Courtesy of @EndlesslyLoveClub in @éliou.

Vintage Is Always A Winner

In terms of nailing Regency-era style, or at least emulating it, you can never go wrong with vintage classics. The chances are that your local thrift shop or vintage specialist will have a few pieces that can give you that flattering silhouette. Whether that means doing a little upcylcing and tailoring or getting lucky with an authentic vintage gem, start looking. If you’re searching for some online vintage shops that have some beautifully curated collections of vintage dresses, we‘ve found that Tavin Boutique, Mills Street Vintage, Dearly Vintage and Jumblelaya Vintage are good places to start.

Courtesy of @Jumblelaya Instagram.

Expect to see these trends hit the streets just in time for spring and summer.


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