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Discover Maddy Perez’s Euphoric Looks So Far

Euphoria is back and it’s time to bring out your hyper-stylised alter-ego again. Sam Levinson’s high school drama that follows love, addiction, sexuality and friendships is nothing short of an exceptional exploration into identity, but is also a major force in fashion.

Maddy Perez, an all-round style icon and one-half of the tumultuous and toxic relationship involving Nate Jacobs, has come to season 2 with new attitude. Sustainability and archival fashion has a strong presence in her character in this new chapter, with a lot of her looks bringing a nostalgic 90s kick to the show. Having been through so much during the first season, her new image presents a more mature and grown version of herself, with the flowery mini dresses swapped for cut-out and cut-throat looks - a nod to her powerful development.

While we may all know Maddy Perez intimately on the screen, make no mistake that Alexa Demie is the real-life embodiment of a fashion goddess. Collaborating with her friend Brynn Jones, the founder and curator of Aralda Vintage, the pair brought some serious pieces to the set of Euphoria. Costume designer Heidi Bivens used the Aralda Vintage archive to build a closet filled with fashion history and monuments.

From a sequin Noughties Dior gown, a 1991 Thierry Mugler dress, a Halston gold kaftan and a Chanel 1997 coordinating dress and bag duo - looks were served. Bivens definitely took a more refreshing approach in portraying luxury fashion through the lens of archival and vintage looks rather than scattering unreleased and upcoming looks from newer collections. For any vintage obsessed viewers, the montage provided the excellent opportunity to delve into some of the best pieces the industry has to offer as we snippets of Tom Ford for Gucci and 90s Dolce and Gabanna.

Beyond this very important scene, Maddy is consistently seen donning vintage or prelvoed with her more contemporary pieces. Her style seems to intersect between nostalgic and current trends, creating a space for some very fashion forward looks.

Maddy in vintage Blumarine.

Maddy in Jean Paul Gaultier “58-5201” vintage sunglasses.

Maddy in a Blumarine SS18 slip and robe.

Maddy in a Blumarine vintage fur collar and crochet cardigan.

When it comes to Maddy Perez, influence is something she was born with and that undoubtedly transcends her time on screen. Watch out world because Blumarine, archival wonders and vintage thrifts are coming back with a vengeance.


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