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Bella Hadid Resurrects Archival Gems For the 75th Cannes Film Festival

With Gucci G-strings, deep Vs, and 80s Chanel, Bella Hadid brought the best of archival fashion to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. In partnership with image architect Law Roach, Tom Ford for Gucci and Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel were just two of the rare archives that provided Hadid with glamorous and elegant ensembles for the red carpet.

1987 Gianni Versace

Originally designed for Helga Dernesch, an Austrian opera singer in Milan, the strapless gown ”features a draped bodice in black georgette and a panné velvet skirt”.

Photo via Bella Hadid Instagram (@BellaHadid)

Fall 2001 Donatella Versace for Versace

Featuring a deep plunge and leather waist detail, Hadid attends a Chopard event in a gown that succeeds her earlier Gianni moment.

Photo by Lionel Hahn (Getty Images)

Fall 1986 Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

In true 80s style, volume is everything and more for any event. In Chanel’s classic black and white colour scheme, this gown matches the drama of the occasion.

Photo via Bella Hadid Instagram (@BellaHadid)

Fall 1996 Tom Ford for Gucci

A gown as rare as they come, this Tom Ford for Gucci number is revitalised on Hadid more than 25 years later.

Photo via Greg Kapri Instagram (@Greg_Kapri)

At an event where custom gowns and creations are the norm, old and archived comebacks are greatly appreciated. For Hadid, vintage finds have made their way to some of her biggest public engagements and into her daily sense of dressing. Her move towards sustainability is not new but has become more and more noteworthy as she continuously pulls the best fashion has to offer. Clearly she is not one to limit herself to today’s trends, finding much inspiration in eras past.


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