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2021 Recap: Our Favourite Sustainable Style Moments from the Stars

One of the most memorable aspects of 2021 for us would be the sustainable shift in fashion, both by the mass consumer and celebrities. From vintage revival on the red carpet to small-brand exposure through a baby bump shoot, celebrities have really experimented with niche looks and exploring the trove of small-businesses offering new takes on fashion. Celebrities have the power and influence to direct consumer habits towards certain trends, and this push towards vintage, thrift and slow fashion is a refreshing start to the new year.

Here are our favourite sustainable style moments from 2021.

Dua Lipa in Archival Jean Paul Gaultier SS1998

LAUREN LEEKLEY Dua Lipa stunned in archival Jean Paul Gaultier for her feature on the “DEMEANOR” music video by Pop Smoke. Originally modelled by Julia Schönberg at the 1998 show, the iconic archival piece channels Marie Antoinette and brings Bridgerton vibes to the collaboration. Stylist Lorenzo Posocco brings ethereal elegance and new life to this JPG heirloom.

Zendaya in Vintage Roberto Cavalli AW2000


Donning vintage Roberto Cavalli at the Ballon D’Or, Zendaya channeled Doctor Octavius in reference to the release of Spider-Man No Way Home. Styled by Law Roach, it was a look filled with anticipation.

Olivia Rodrigo in Archival Chanel SS1995

In a now infamous visit that pushed for vaccination and streaming “good 4 u”, stylist Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo put Olivia Rodrigo in a Chanel SS19995 skirt suit just as iconic as this visit.

Angelina Jolie in a Versace Dress Made From Deadstock Chainmail

Sleek and uber Versace, this look was Jolie’s big bang back onto the red carpet. Stylist Jason Bolden and the Italian fashion house take the classic Versace fabric to new heights and brings a new and green direction to premieres.

Gigi Hadid in Di Petsa


Wearing Di Petsa in one of her baby bump photoshoots, Gigi Hadid breaks boundaries for this brand. A current celebrity favourite, the brand is adorned by everyone from Lizzo to Candice Swanapoel.

Lorde in Bode for the MET Gala


In a repurposed masterpiece, Lorde brings sustainability to fashion’s biggest night out - the MET Gala. Styled by Karla Welch.

Bella Hadid in Tom Ford for Gucci


Wearing a beloved collection for her birthday bash, this Tom Ford for Gucci set is another ode to the 90s.

Emma Watson in Upcycled Harris Reed


Emma Watson wears upcycled Harris Reed to the Earthshot Prize ceremony. Created using secondhand bridal dresses from Oxfam and other repurposed elements, the piece reflects Watson’s stylistic choice to choose conscious fashion.

Jaime Xie in Vintage Versace SS2005

Referred to as the “Princess of Vintage”, Jamie Xie is often spotted wearing rare collectibles. Styled by Law Roach, Xie wears Versace SS2005 Menswear to a show.

Rihanna in Tom Ford for Gucci SS1999

Wearing one of the rarest denims you could find, only RiRi can take this one with such flair. Scouring for funky 90s jeans should be a new hobby.


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